Monday, March 21, 2011

Touching Ground I - An Introduction

I post at length about life here; usually consisting of some musings that ring of Buddhism, Zen, etc... but really they're just my thoughts, my junk, my garbage. Some people like the way they taste and I appreciate that, but really I'm just another unpaid philosopher with a lot of opinions about how things "Should" be. Fine and all, but not really distinguishing. All of these things make up my outlook, but they won't be paying the bills once college is over.

For those of you who know me, you know I study Ecology and Environmental Biology. It's a subject, it's a passion. I'd been relatively uninformed about the subject until senior year of high school where nothing less than an awakening occurred. When the veil of waste, pollution, and mistreatment is lifted, you can't put it back down.

Long back stories on awakening are unnecessary and pretentious, however, so it's really not important to go into detail. At this point in my life I am fairly convinced I want to pursue a career in academia and research. If not for the opportunities than at least for the days off. I want this series to be more than me blabbing about environmentalist ethics. I want it to stir up thoughts, I want the stigma of environmentalism to crack a bit from my doing, and this could be from the lofty cello music I'm listening to, but I want people to change things and foster understanding that environmentalism is not a political statement, it's just living in the best way that you can. A way that fosters growth not only of ourselves but of those around us. A lifestyle of health in greatest sense because as far as I can tell, we can't partition just "our air" or "our water". The water we drink and the air we breathe will eventually touch every living thing on this planet. We can flee to the mountains but we will always be touching ground that everything else must touch as well.

This should be more than me speaking. This should be us speaking, thinking, living.

Be Well.

On a side note, this series will also serve as periodic updates on my upcoming trip to Madagascar to study conservation biology and alternative agricultural techniques with James Madison University. Watch out for updates and clever titles.